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Eczema Vanished™ is a digital product (ebook) sold through the biggest online retailer of digital products – Clickbank. To promote us, you will need to register an affiliate account with Clickbank – please visit Clickbank’s official website to register.

Once you have registered, you can find us on Clickbank’s marketplace by searching our ID (eczvanish) or simply use the link below to create your “hoplink” (affiliate link).

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On this page you’ll find various affiliate promotional materials, so you can use them in your campaigns to effectively promote Eczema Vanished™. This includes keywords, articles, SEO/blogging advice, PPC, emails, banners and general affiliate marketing tips.

If you need any help promoting Eczema Vanished™ or have any questions as an affiliate, please send us an email at ““.

Conversions/Sales Screenshots

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We have carried out extensive testing on Eczema Vanished to ensure that the conversions are as high as possble. Based on our most recent promotion via PPC (we recommend using Bing Ads), we achieved a conversion rate of 1:45 (that’s 2.2%) in just over 1000 hops, generating 22 front end sales and 5 upsells. The refund rate is approximately 8-9%.

This was done purely with cold traffic, but using a pre-sell landing page, where you would have a personal story/review of Eczema Vanished and only then send the visitors to our main pitch page. Make sure to ALWAYS pre-sell to get the best results.

Eczema Vanished is a well-researched, quality, proven product with an excellent conversion rate and low refunds. It’s a green niche in a hungry market. Start promoting as an affiliate and see for yourself. Any help/additional info, please contact ““, we are always open to do business with genuine affiliates. Thank you.

Promotional Materials for Affiliates

Article Marketing

Article marketing is how a lot of us got our first sales in affiliate marketing and it still remains probably the easiest and the best free method to generate sales as an affiliate without having a website or spending any kind of money upfront. If your budget is zero and you’re not much of a website developer, then article marketing is your ideal option. Here’s how it works.

First of all, what you need to do is generate a list of keywords relevant to your niche – in our case, that’s eczema. You can either use Google Adwords Keyword Tool and make up your own list or use the keywords from our list we provided further down below.

Now when you have your keywords, it’s time to write some articles based around those keywords. The key here is not to keyword-stuff your articles, but actually PROVIDE VALUE in your content while using some of the keywords when relevant. Talk about basic skin care, what causes eczema, common triggers, why creams and ointments are only a temporary solutions, etc.

Then at the end of the article include your affiliate link, which will redirect your readers to our sales page. Try to write genuinely useful articles and don’t make them too promotional. Usually article directories have so called “resource boxes”, which are used by authors for posting promotional links – make sure to read their rules regarding posting affiliate links properly, so your articles will get successfully approved.

The best article directory out there for submitting your content to is without a doubt EzineArticles. They can be sometimes picky with what they approve, but it’s a great place to post your articles to, because they often get picked up by big publishers with quality websites, meaning loads of free traffic exposure for you.

There are many other good article directories, so feel free to try them all. Here’s a list of Top 50 article directories.


Blogging is an excellent choice for people with limited web design knowledge to have their own space for posting stuff (blog posts) on the Internet. The biggest advantage of blogs is the fact that you don’t really need to know HTML/CSS or have web development skills to manage a blog. Content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress, make it very easy for anyone to get started with blogging, because it’s all user-friendly and doesn’t require much technical expertise.

You may have heard of, where you can register a blog for free, however I wouldn’t personally recommend doing that, because you won’t actually own that blog and it could get shut down at any time due to various reasons, such as affiliate links, promotional content or too many ads, etc. The PROPER way to start a blog is to host it yourself. First, you buy a domain name (I usually use GoDaddy), then you get website hosting (Hostgator is quite good) and lastly you install a self-hosted WordPress blog, meaning you will have full control over it and can post/customize whatever you like.

When choosing a domain name, go for something eczema related and try to get a .com or a .net, although a .org is also a good choice. Once your blog is up and running, the world is your oyster. Now instead of having to submit your content to article directories, you can post it all on your blog and build it up over time. Customize your blog with WordPress themes, install useful WP plugins and start learning SEO (search engine optimization), because if done properly, SEO can get you tons of free organic traffic from Google/Yahoo/Bing and loads of sales.


Talking about SEO, keywords are a very hot topic. A lot of affiliate marketers recommend to buy exact-match domains (EMDs), meaning if your keyword is “eczema treatment”, then you would try to get “” for a domain or if not available, then .net or .org, etc. It may work fine for short keywords, but if your keyword is “how to get rid of eczema naturally”, then it would be a bit silly to get such a long domain name just for the sake of having the keyword in it.

While EMDs may have a slight SEO advantage over non-keyword domains, however there are so many other factors which influence your rankings in search engines, that it’s simply not worth the hassle of getting a stupid looking domain for the sake of 0.01% SEO benefit. Instead focus on trying to get a short catchy domain, which you could then develop into a big brand – something like, or

With your domain name sorted, concentrate your efforts on creating great articles, only sparingly using specific keywords. Remember, you write articles for people first, search engines second – NOT the other way round, so don’t get too carried away with optimizing your content for certain keywords, because keeping your readers happy is what matters most. As a general rule of thumb for using keywords and doing SEO – keep it natural, build relevant backlinks and diversify your traffic sources, because you don’t want to have all your eggs in one basket.

Below is a short list of eczema keywords that I use for my own campaigns, so feel free to grab them for yourself:

eczema treatment
how to get rid of eczema
home remedies for eczema
how to treat eczema
treatment for eczema
natural remedies for eczema
eczema home remedies
dyshidrotic eczema treatment
cure for eczema
how to cure eczema
treating eczema
natural cure for eczema
eczema remedies
eczema relief
natural eczema treatment
eczema natural treatment
best eczema treatment
eczema home treatment
remedies for eczema
best treatment for eczema
natural treatment for eczema
hand eczema treatment
eczema natural remedies
how to treat eczema on face
natural eczema remedies
nummular eczema treatment
eczema treatment natural
severe eczema treatment
eczema treatment face
eczema on face treatment
eczema natural cure
homeopathic remedies for eczema
treatment of eczema
facial eczema treatment
healing eczema
eczema on face remedies
eczema on hands treatment
home remedies eczema
treatment for dyshidrotic eczema
treating eczema on face
home treatment for eczema
eczema face treatment
natural remedies eczema
eczema scalp treatment
best cure for eczema
best remedy for eczema
treatment for eczema on face
discoid eczema treatment
treating eczema naturally
treatment for severe eczema


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Solo Emails

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PPC Advertising (Pay-Per-Click)

PPC is a form of online advertising where you buy ad space on popular search engines, such as Google or Bing/Yahoo. Essentially, there are 2 main players selling PPC ads – Google Adwords and Bing Ads (Microsoft). The most important thing to know about PPC is that you MUST have a good budget before you go spending money on paid ads.

Losing money with PPC is inevitable, especially in the early stages of your campaigns when you are testing/optimizing your keywords and ads as well as landing pages. PPC is great, because it allows you to laser-target your traffic and the results are pretty much instant. You could set up a campaign today and by tomorrow you will already have hundreds of clicks on your ads, giving you data to work on and improve your campaign.

The only catch is that you pay for every click, so no matter whether you make sales or not, you still pay every time your ad gets clicked. Therefore, as I said earlier, only do PPC if you have some cash to burn and ideally, spend some time reading books on PPC, such as Perry Marshall’s “The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords” or even browse around Google’s Help Centre for Adwords.

Same as SEO, PPC takes time and practice to learn, so here are a few quick tips for you. Start off with only a handful maximum relevant keywords and group them tightly into appropriate adgroups. This will allow you to write highly relevant ads and make sure to include your keyword within your ads, which will help to raise the CTR and thus lower CPC (cost-per-click). Regularly check your reports and add negative keywords, which are irrelevant. Don’t make your landing page too promotional, as otherwise Adwords may disapprove your ads, although Bing Ads are a lot more flexible with what you can promote. Overall, keep optimizing, split-testing ads, removing irrelevant keywords and you’ll have much better conversion rates.


Below you’ll find our ebook covers and banners in various sizes, so feel free to download them and use them on your landing pages and promotion campaigns.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is similar in a way to article marketing or blogging with the main difference being the fact that you deliver your content in a video format, rather than in writing. So essentially your goal with your videos is to provide some value in advance and towards the end of it mention Eczema Vanished™ and send your visitors to your landing page, where you will have the opportunity to pre-sell them and review/recommend Eczema Vanished™ as well. Content-wise, it would be all the same as if you were writing articles – so talk about common eczema treatments, popular eczema causes, possibly include some pictures, etc.

While video marketing will require a bit more technical knowledge compared to simple article writing, however your videos don’t have to be too fancy, so don’t get stuck with overcomplicating things and you could even use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a basic slide presentation and turn that into a video. Other option would be to outsource a video to someone on a freelancer website, such as Upwork.

There are many sites, where you could upload your videos to get traffic, but focusing just on YouTube will get you plenty of views anyway, so try to make as many videos as possible for maximum exposure. On top of that, videos are much more entertaining to watch compared to reading an article, so it’s no surprise that YouTube has been growing year by year. Therefore, don’t ignore video marketing as it’s an excellent way to diversify your traffic sources and build up your audience.

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